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A week of work on BadPrinter2

The summer holidays arrived and also the hot weather of this week, but BadDevices never stops :-)
We work all of this week to the upgrading and fixing of the BadPrinter2.
The most important upgrade is related to the new motherboard and displayboard. We redesign them completely and we spent some time playing with UV light and chemical baths and here is the result:




We also design and print a custom fan duct to cool the DRV8825 stepper drivers; it is a first concept so probably we change and evolve the design.

Other upgrade was related to the “mantis” extruder; we shorten the levers and make them robust; also the base has a more robust structure and the upper part was modified with two small cones that contains a piece of PTFE bowden to guide better the filament. With Black PLA is less mantis like, but it is still has a good looking :-)


Here a short video of the BadPrinter2 in action printing the extruder base:


Then we finally print and install the twin fan duct ( on the E3D hot ends and it fits and look perfectly :-)


Moreover we do some other minor modification like, install some white leds illuminating the printing bed, print and use two spool holder on the back of the printer and install a new Z coupler.

At the end we can relax with some funny printing like the classic Mr.Jaws :-)


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