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Double color printing

This weekend we made a cooling system for the motors drivers and so we finally close the rear cover. It’s quite hot there…

After a couple of version we finally fix the rear cooling fan on the main head-block.

We also decided to “freeze” this version of the printer.
Now we have only to replace the plate frame with a new one and make the covers.
And yes, we need to repaint it. :) [...I wanna see it painted black, painted black...]

We tested again the double color printing.
We designed and printed a couple of dices , and then, because we are greedy we printed the world :D :D
You can see the result :)





We didn’t printed it in “hi-res” but with 0.2mm layer thickness
We know that this printer can do a lot better, but we lack the skill about slicing and printing, plus, this model, found on Thingiverse, takes a lot of time to slice and to print, if we want to increase the resolution we need to work also on the model, but stl is hard to manage… we will try with blender…
However this test told us many things that we can summarize as:
“having two heads is not so simple as we thought”
For example, after a double-color print both the heads can have on the tip a little ball of solid material, while the first head will melt the Pla drop because is starting to print again (single color print), the second drop is still there, hard as rock, ready to engrave the new model…
Sometimes this can happen also with the tip of the second head perfectly clean If there is too much material in some place (for some reason, sometimes happens you know…)
Another problem is the material leakage of the head in hold. While a head is printing, the other one must be ready to print, but if you keep it at the right temperature the material start to melt in the chamber head, and can loose some drops while moving. The solution is to use retraction, however is not so easy to find the right parameter.
We think that there isn’t the right parameter, is ever a combination and compromise depending on the model and how you decide to slice it.
We are wondering if would interesting or not to have a system that can pull up & down each head to avoid all the problems…



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