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Double Color, here it is!

Finally we are able to print a double color piece! it is the first, so not perfect: the second hot end is a little bit offset in Z axis so the yellow layer is a little bit too high respect the blue.. some oozing that we will now start to fight with parameters tweaking, but it’s done :-)


Yesterday we play and try to print a nokia lumia 920 case modified to add some hooks for a strap in order to transform it in a necklage camera for timelapse lifelogging. Thanks to Marco for the idea and for the Nokia :-)


The cover is derived from object:

cover / case for nokia lumia 920 (b_key) / CC BY 3.0


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  1. Today as promise, i’m going to Milan to test the cover; Timelapse software really overheat smartphones, i’m curious about resistance of the cover in this situation, because the new apps recently released really trasform smartphones in tools to expand our creativity and imagination ;-)

    If it works.. we can think covers for Tripod :)
    (bicolor.. with the logo bd of course)

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