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Electronics testing

Yesterday evening we complete the assembly of the electronics and connect all the cables (motors, endstops) in order to run some test on the motherboard itself and regarding movement of the carriage with the new DRV8825 drivers. The first movement test was made using the old electronics, so we are excited to see how these stepper drivers behave.

The setting of the driver is easy with the little potentiometer to set the working current of the motor; we think it will be better to put a couple of fan to cool down the chip, we will design and print a fan duct to bring fresh air to the drivers; for the test, an old PC fan it is sufficient.

The motor runs without problems; at the moment we start with a full step configuration, but the drivers allow 1/32 microstepping; the next test phase is to see which microstepping can be the best compromise for precision, speed and noise



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