Bad devices from bad makers are ready to conquer the world!

Keep it cooled!

These days we had some trouble making good quality printing with the nuclear green PLA that we use for the parts of the BadPrinter2; strangely the other PLA has a better finish with the same parameters, so we mount another part that was missing yet.. a cooling fan on the printed object.. and voilĂ .. the prints are perfect!
At the moment we put the fan on the bed, but we will integrate it into the carriage :-)
Using Slic3r the cooling fan can be actively set to start in defined conditions and with different speed. The prints are at 0.2 with medium speed of 70 mm/s (100 m/s infill), we will try higher speed now.



And now a panoramic view of the BadPrinter2 almost completed with its black/nuclear appeal! Some aesthetic details are missing and we are working on it. All the scratches on the black paint are war scars :-) (the spray paint used does not adhere well to the aluminum, we will repaint it)




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