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Printing experience with new all-metal Hot-ends


Finally we build and mount the new all metal hot ends. They are from UK based E3D ( and they are awesome. Easy to build and works very well.

In the week-end we test it with a lot of sample pieces like this Grey Owl. We are verifiyng parameters so at the moment not concentrating only on quality (the owl is without infill so, some errors can be seen on the outer layer), but on a general tweaking of the machine. In this week we will launch some torture test to check everything is ok.

We had two tandem mount hot-ends, so we will also try printing in double colour. At the moment a problem on the first motherboard prototype cannot allow us to make the second head function, but we have already redesign the board and we plan to build one these days. The two head are 28 mm close one to eachother, so we can’t use the original fan and fan duct for both so we redesign a “common” fan duct and soon as we check that the dimensions are ok we upload it on thingiverse.



The two heads are mounted on a single clamp with two J-head style groove mounts; the cold end of the printing head is very cold (almost ambient temperature) so we can redesign it as a 3D printed part without problems.


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