Bad devices from bad makers are ready to conquer the world!

Quality is in the details

We think that the highest quality can be achieved by taking care of every single detail, also the smallest one can have a big impact on the performance of the printer.
We continuously develop and test new solutions for our BadPrinter2.
We have designed and built a new cooling fan diffuser; this cooling fan is indicated for small prints, especially with PLA that has a low glass transition temperature, so it needs to keep the temperature low after deposition of the filament to avoid melting and warping of the parts.
It uses a bigger 50 mm fan; the diffuser splits the airflow between the cool part of the hotend and the printed part.


It can be easily mounted to replace the two 30 mm fans that can be used normally to print other materials that doesn’t need much cooling like ABS and Nylon.

PLA fan

Another upgrade is aimed to reduce the movement of the bowden tube during the retraction of the filament caused by the backlash of the bowden coupler present at both end of the tube.
In order to avoid the unwanted movement during retraction and repriming of the filament, we have designed small shims that can simply snap into place under the retaining rings of the couplers; these parts lock the coupler ring and the bowden tube in place.

Bowden shim large

Bowden shim small

All the printable files can be found on the download section of the website:
Website download section


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