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Testing the parking area with toolchange (Double color)

We made a custom gcode script to run at every toolchange (when you switch hotend to print with the other color/material)

The problem in using two color/material is only one: “oozing”

When an hotend is printing, the other, due to temperature, is randomly dropping material on the piece.

One way to avoid this problem can be to cool the inactive hotend, so the material won’t come out randomly during the print.

Anyway there is the possibility that the material “freeze” on the tip of the inactive nozzle creating a hard little ball of material that can crash into the printed object. (This is due to very tight tolerance of the hotends height that must be perfectly leveled in Z to obtain a good bi-color print.)

To avoid all those problems we made a silicone pad where to park and plug the nozzles during the toolchange.

In this way the pad works as a “cap” to the cooling hotend nozzle, so oozing is avoided; moreover the silicone pad acts as a barrier, cutting the excess filament from the active tip when print restart.

We have to adjust and tweak some parameters and redefine a little the geometry of the silicone pad, but it works :)

This is a video showing a toolchange while printing a traffic-cone



And here is the traffic-cone mounted on its black base (printed separately)



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