Bad devices from bad makers are ready to conquer the world!

The BadPrinter2 prints!

We are proud to announce that after an another day of hard work, we finally print with the new printer.

As you may know, there are a lot of parameter to adjust when you setup a new printer, and so the first prints were not nice, but after a step by step problem solving we reach what we think is a good quality. (Are only the first tests!)


We faced many unknown issues to us during this test:
we had to test movements precision on  XYZ  axles
we had to print with heated bed (the old printer doesn’t have one)
we had to print at different speeds
we used different colors
We agree that maybe is not so smart to introduce so many new parameters when you’re testing something, but we are eager :D

We had problem with the heated bed and the mirror, no grip at all.
So we used a package tape for now, that seems to be quite good.
We try different speeds and seems that all works correctly, but we need to understand the limits of the printer.
For us, accustomed to low speeds like 7mm/sec, see and print the new one at higher speed is simply spectacular.
We can say that different pla color, different temperature is non a legend :)
We experienced what maybe many people already knows about.

We make a blu dome with a 0,1 layer thickness, and we would say that the result seems very good.

We still have a long way to go to complete the printer, we are waiting 2 new printheads, we are redesigning the mainboard and we need to adjust other aspects, but what matters is’ that prints tell us that we are on the right path :)


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