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The frame parts have arrived

Today we have a big new :)
Finally the frame parts are here in our hands ^^
We still wait for a laser cutted frame for the bed but now we can assemble the frame and place motors in positions.

Two words about the frame:
the frame is composed by five aluminium main parts, punched and bended following all the drawings we made with the 3d cad (sheet&metal module)
For sure we can improve it, for the moment all the holes are simple, we didn’t have threaded holes, also maybe the holes are too many, we will see assembling this one if we can reduce the number.
Now the color of the frame is alluminium natural, but you know, it is the prototipe.

In the photos you can see the frame assembled only by fitting parts in the right position(no bolts).
In the next week we will post it assemled for sure…



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