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The new Z platform works flawlessly

This evening we complete the assembly of the completely redesigned Z platform; the first version was not so stable as foreseen due to very thin aluminium sheet metal and a complex design on the sheet metal bends. Also the 3 point regulation with the third rotary knob under the bed was not so comfortable as we think.

So we sit back again at the work desk and we redesign it.


We use the same position of the vertical rods with linear bearings, but now the main support is made of 1,5 mm thick sheet metal with a more plain design and is narrower than the previous one. We also decide to use a classic four point regulation for bed leveling using the original mounting holes of the heated bed. They are slightly off the printing area, but we think it is more easy now to level the bed. The rotary knobs are very smooth and accessible for fine regulations and all the bed with heated bed and glass is lighter, very stable and free to move along the Z axis without problems.


We are very satisfied with this design also considering that the bends on the sheet metal was made manually at the bending machine.

We will test this new platform with XY axis movement in the next week end.

During the work, some small funny creatures come out from the “monster” printer :-)



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