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Today further steps in the construction

Today we work in paralled to complete different part of the BadPrinter2.

First of all we print an important part of the extruder; the block that holds the levers with bearings that push the filament toward the extruder gear. It is a long print, but we are happy with the result. We mount the extruder mechanism with the levers and the tension of the spring seems quite good and all the mechanism works as we think.

At the moment the upper part is missing, this part guide the filament inside the bowden PTFE cable, but we think to complete it during the week; at the moment the double extruder has a sort of “mantis” look and it is very fun :-)



Next step is to complete the motherboard and try it without the drivers installed as first “dry run” test, in order to verify that everything is ok with the soldering phase; some cables haven’t connected yet, but all the AC power part and the connection of the 12V power supply was made and everything works correctly. The SMD led are very cool :-)


Other step is to complete the Z Bed with the heated bed and the mirror glass; we print the three regulating knobs and now we can install them with the springs that allow the easy bed leveling. At the moment the mirror seems quite to small for the bed and probably we will change it for a simple glass. Also the fixing mechanism with two lateral point is not satisfying, but we had resolved with four simple paper clips; probably we will redesign these part in future, but at the moment all the construction and the bed leveling system is very good.




In the end we verify that the back cover closes without problems and install temporary the filament reel holder with our magenta ABS reel and everything seems ok



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