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Wargaming terrain with the BadPrinter2

We like playing miniature wargames and in the last month we are back to play, with some friends, an old, but awesome, Games Workshop fantasy skirmish game: Mordheim.
One of the useful application of our 3D printer is the ability to prototype and create high detailed parts that can be used as base for traditional modeling and painting techniques; this approach can produce awesome piece of terrain.

A simple example is this barricade made of barrels and crates.



First of all we decide to use the fantastic model of medieval barrel from dutchmogul and the crate by Sinar.

We print them at 0.1 layer resolution in PLA and paint them: a brown base coat and some simple drybrushing with lighter color, some metallic for the iron rims and some weathering effects like rust and dirt.




Then we decide to group some of the barrels and crates on a base in order to create a modular barricade, more easy to place and use in game
The base was printed at 0.1 mm layer in PLA as a simple elliptical piece with dimensions 100 mm x 60 mm.



Now we can again use simple modelling techniques to sculpt some ruined tiles with the green stuff in a portion of the base; to create the joint lines a simple sharp tool is sufficient. Then we texturize the other exposed parts with white PVA glue and sand mix.


After everything dried we apply a black matte base coat; now to highlight the tiles and the texturized surface is sufficient to drybrush with different tones of grey. The drybrush need to increase softly in order to enlight the color and be more gentle with the brush to obtain a very nice deep effect.



We can now place and glue all the barrels and crates in position to obtain the final piece.
As a final touch it is possible to add some more sand or synthetic grass or any other finishing touch or weathering technique that you prefer to give more realism to the composition .


As you can see, to obtain a good result, we used very base modelling skill and we start from good 3D printed objects as a base, so the use of the BadPrinter2 for wargaming terrain can really speed up the process and open up interesting new possibilities integrating, for example, the traditional sculpting with digital sculpting.

Another nice example are these ladders, completely designed in blender, 3D printed and painted.





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